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10 Great Fantasy Short Stories

Written By: Hank Quense

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Do you like fantasy short stories?  Do you like them told with humor or satire? Then get a copy of  10 Great10gfss cover Fantasy Short Stories. It’s filled with fantasy stories told with humor and satire.  The stories range all over the fantasy landscape.  Some take place in Gundarland, some in Manhattan and one in Camelot.  

Table of Contents:

House of Atreus.  Meet Agamemnon, King of Mycea, and the conquerer of Troy.  He’s been sent to the modern world by Zeus.

Manhattan Monsters: They are a undead softball team playing in Central Park.  Really.

Recipe for Revenge:  Burga the Warrior Cook seeks revenge on a food critic.

Romeo and Juliet: You’ve probably read this storyline a hundred times.  What’s different about my version? He’s a dwarf, she’s an elf.

Yuletide in Camelot: Entertainment for the feast is provided by Sir Tristan, the world’s worst poet , the Knights of the Round Table Folk Dancing Troupe and the Saxons’ Men’s Choir.

Inter-Racial Musical Playoffs: Unscrupulous wizards try to fix a band competition.

The Bronze Fleece: Travel to ancient Greece and join Jason and the Argonauts as they undertake a quest for the legendary fleece.

The Rainbow Bridge: Loki is summoned from Asgard and runs into a big problem.

MacBeth: the Sequel.  The Wyrd Sisters have to save their pet from the Laird of the Loch.

Saving the Shore: Find out what happened to the descendants of the Ring Bearer.

Watch the trailer for MacBeth: the Sequel  one of the short stories in the collection

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“10 Great Fantasy Stories” is a book written by Hank Quense. This book caught me off guard. The book itself contains 10 short stories that are all amusing to read. I know this book will appeal to people who have a sense of humor and want a certain new twist to pre-loved stories. This book is quite entertaining and funny all the way. I really love the way Hank Quense did all the stories. He has a way with words and knows how to put an awesome twist to his stories. You’ll be surprised about some stories in the book like ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Why? Because if you were used to reading them as people, you’ll probably enjoy reading it with them as a dwarf and elf. Now imagine how hard that love story is.

Hank Quense’s way of creating stories is extraordinary. He loves mixing real life with fantasy, a great way to keep people asking for more. He also loves re-writing pre-loved stories and making it more interesting and entertaining than ever.

If you love being entertained by books, this is the one for you. You’ll be laughing hysterically on every page in this book.

Reviewed by Angela Hilario for Readers’ Favorite

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I just started reading the first short story and I can tell you I will read and laugh till the end!!! I am usually a non-fiction, true crime person, but this sounded interesting, so I got it. I am not disappointed!!! GOOD JOB!!!  5 starts: JannE

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As a fan of fun stuff, Hank Quense and his crazy stories are always a trip into the way out there. Some are a take (off) from Shakespeare and others are things he’s conjured up while standing in front of the BBQ during a family cookout.
Where to begin… Well, I guess at the beginning. In House of Atreus we’re introduced to Hanks love of professional wrestling and over-powering women, crazy gods from the past and their equally crazy demands upon the mortals. All set into modern day Manhattan, any one who enjoys women, wrestling and beer is sure to find this story a fun read.
Jump over to Romeo and Juliet and you’ll find an excerpt from the award winning Tales From Gundarland. Be prepared for a twisted version of Williams play, where the main characters are a dancing dwarf and elf-maiden. Really. And you’ll love it. You’ll never think of Shakespeare in the same way again.
In MacBeth: the Sequel, you’re introduced to yet another throwback to classic Quense. With gap-toothed barkeeps, grotesque bar-fly women on the prowl (and that’s saying it nicely) and a hint at what may have become the Loch Ness Monster… I can’t give away the story. You’ll have to read it yourself.
All in all, and there’s a lot of all here, Hank Quense has pulled together ten of his greatest tales from the present and past, sure to delight readers who enjoy getting lost in the strange worlds of Gundarland, Shakespeare, myths and urban tales.
Nanci Arvizu: Page Readers: 5 stars



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