Self-publishing a Book

Written By: Hank Quense

Uploading files to a  packager isn’t the entire scope of work. That’s actually the easiest task, but there are SelfPublishingmany more necessary tasks to be done.  This book explains the entire self-publishing process.  It breaks up the publishing process into four timeframes starting four months before the availability date and concluding on the availability date.    This spreads the workload into easy-to-manage chunks.


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Last November, I was interviewed by Douglas Goldstein on his radio show, Goldstein on Gelt.  The interview is now a YouTube video.  Watch it using this link:

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 ISBN:  978-0985006358

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This manual is a valuable collection of information for promoting a book. Since the author is speaking from experience, he is able to explain the intricacies involved in self-publishing and to share workable ways to be successful at it. Charts and links are available, and everything is easily explained. It may be possible to do the research yourself and gather the information that he is providing; however, I think the better investment of time is to buy the book and take advantage of the tools and insights generously included in it. Red Saphire

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With the revolutionary strides made in eBook publishing by Amazon, Nook Press, Smashwords, and dozens of others on the rise, the ability to self-publish an eBook has become very easy. However, there are some steps to preparing your manuscript that will help set your book apart from the millions that are being offered. Hank Quense guides the reader through the publishing process in easy steps in Self Publishing a Book. Hank helps the reader determine which type of publishing house to go with or to go with self-publishing and the pros and cons of each. The book also helps you to understand the formatting involved in both eBook publishing and print book publishing. Hank discusses the ins and outs of eBook and print packages and provides a list of questions that you need to ask before making a deal with one. Self Publishing a Book also helps you set up a budget so that you won’t be hit by surprises when it comes time to use the particular services necessary to publish your book. Hank also provides links to service providers and services that you might need throughout the process.

Having this guide would have been quite handy when I learned this process for myself. After publishing three books, however, I still didn’t know it all and Self Publishing a Book was still a great guide to help me see my own shortcomings. It provided plenty of new ideas that I hadn’t considered before. Hank Quense has developed a valuable resource for the self publisher, which is a must-read before you publish your book.

  Bil Howard for Readers’ Favorite: 5 stars

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