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November: Self-publishing Guides are now available.

October: 10 Great Fantasy Short Stories recieved a great review from Page Readers

October: Stilll more rave reviews for Falstaff's Big Gamble

September: Falstaff's Big Gamble received three more 5 star reviews!

August: More great reviews for Falstaff's Big Gamble keep rolling in!

August: Are you interested in learning how to write fiction?  You should check out the Fiction Writing Guides Bundle.  It's an expnesive way to get a wealth of material on the basics of fiction writing.

August:  I added a new free ebook: Zaftan Trilogy Story Arc.

August: I added several more workshops and lectures.

August: I added information about my non-ficiton work, Fiction Writing Guides

June: Falstaff's Big Gamble received an rave early review

June: Added two pages for my new book, Falstaff's Big Gamble.  Here is the main page and this is a link to the reviews

June: I added the cover to my next book, Falstaff's Big Gamble.  Download the flyer.

June: I added a free download in the articles section.  It contains story design forms.

May: I added an article on patience on the freebie page

May: Zaftan Entrepreneurs picks up another 5-star review.

May: 10 Great Fantasy Short Stories received its first review: 5 Stars!!!

April: Zaftan Miscreants recieved a new rave review.  Short and to the point!

April: I replaced my old website with a brand new one:  Check it out!


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